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Shafie Mukhre

Who's this guy again?

Shafie Mukhre

Shafie Mukhre

Software Engineer

Hey there, my internet friends :)

I'm Shafie, an aspiring craftsman, a fullstack developer with a passion for building useful products with great UX and high performance! 💻🔥

I enjoy working across the technology stacks throughout the software development lifecycle from concept, design, development, production to maintenance. I mainly use React with TypeScript for frontend development while for backend development I recently use Java, Python and a bit of Golang.

What kind of stuff do you find here?

In the spirit of 'learning in public', I'm trying to write more technical contents here basically on all technical and engineering knowledge that I have learned from time to time on Web Dev, Distributed System and Generative AI. Probably in not-so-far future, I will also write on mechanical engineering, robotics and other technical discpline that fascinated me.



  • Software/Web development
  • ML/Analytics tools

Outside of work, my recent active interests are reading books and fitness. I love climbing though I'm currently on hiatus. I recently picked up photography and enjoying it. I'm also trying to write more, this blog is part of the effort. I enjoy playing chess though I don't play it as often anymore. I love watching movies esspecially space sci-fi genre.


  • 2021 - Dremio's Internal Hackathon, 2nd Placed
  • 2019 - Paypal's Opportunity Hack San Jose, 2nd Placed (team co-lead)
  • 2019 - USPS Hackathon, 2nd Placed (team lead)
  • 2019 - Intel-SJSU Paseo Challenge, Top 10
  • 2019 - Y Combinator Hackathon, Pitched to YC partners
  • 2019 - Intel Edge AI Scholarship, Scholarship winner
  • 2016 - YSEALI Academic Fellow, Awarded $13k sponsorship from US Government for Entrepreneurship program at Arizona State University
  • 2015 - YSEALI Summit (Malaysia), Student leader meeting POTUS Barrack Obama
  • 2014 - $30m Google Lunar X-Prize, Participant as part of Independence-X team
  • 2013 - Uniten's Robogamez (robot wars competition), 2nd Placed
  • 2013 - MakeWeekend's Robotics Hackathon, Special Mention Award
  • 2011 - MARA Undergraduate (full) Scholarship


  • 2020 - Google's HackDSC Hackathon, Mentor
  • 2018 - YSEALI Younified, Organizer
  • 2017 - SGAC's 3rd Asia Pacific Space Generation Workshop (Philippines), Organizer