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Shafie Mukhre

1 mins read

How to pass data from child component to its parent in ReactJS?

You can create the state in the ParentComponent using useState and pass down the setIsParentData function as prop into the ChildComponent.

In the ChildComponent, update the data using the received function through prop to send the data back to ParentComponent.

I use this technique especially when my code in the ParentComponent is getting too long, therefore I will create child components from the ParentComponent. Typically, it will be only 1 level down and using useContext or redux seems overkill in order to share states between components.


import React, { useState } from 'react';
import ChildComponent from './ChildComponent';
export function ParentComponent(){
  const [isParentData, setIsParentData] = useState(True);
  return (
    <p>is this a parent data?: {isParentData}</p>
    <ChildComponent toChild={isParentData} sendToParent={setIsParentData} />


import React from 'react';
export function ChildComponent(props){
  return (
    <button onClick={() => {props.sendToParent(False)}}>Update</button>
    <p>The state of isParentData is {props.toChild}</p>

Note: Originally answered on stackoverflow